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August 18, 2016

5 Corporate Videos That We Can’t Stop Watching 

The art of successful business video craftsmanship revolves around finding a delicate balance between informative and entertaining. Piecing together a concise video that articulates what your business has to offer is easier said than done. But we can’t stress the importance of adding a corporate video to your marketing plan. Videos are fantastic mediums to convey a lot of information about your company in a quick and cost-effective way.

Here’s a look at five corporate videos that we can’t stop watching:

Dollar Shave Club

This under two-minute video manages to be hilarious and informative all at once. Questions are answered about the service and delivered in a compelling way by the CEO of Dollar Shave Club. The CEO also subtly explains why this service is better than others without coming off as “salesy” or disingenuous. The product offering is clear and the target demographic is made apparent, but the video is entertaining for all audiences.


This video does a great job at explaining what Airbnb is and does, but most importantly it touches on the emotional benefit of being an Airbnb host. As a host, you play an important role in the Airbnb ecosystem; you are the catalyst to people living their dreams. Making an emotional connection with your audience is so important and Airbnb does this exceptionally well.


This video is able to explain technical software in accessible terms—and does so in a humorous way. The video not only communicates what Slack does, but explains the value of implementation. Addressing a pain point that your product alleviates is an extremely important topic to cover in your business video, and Slack does this impeccably well.


The idea of a community is very important to the Lyft brand, and this video helps communicate that very well. This video also does a great job at showing how the entire Lyft process works from user to driver. Today’s discerning audience enjoys and expects a certain level of transparency from businesses—and Lyft video delivers just that.


SkyLock’s corporate video is a great example of how to produce a “show me, don’t tell me” video. Businesses with physical products should always show how the product works, and SkyLock’s video does that while being hilariously entertaining.

Business videos are a great way to market your product, service or company. Videos are very sharable pieces of content that you can add to your website or social media pages. If you’re ready to get started with your video marketing campaign, we can help! Connect with us at Ian Harrington Productions for your corporate video and video marketing strategy.