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March 3, 2015

7 Innovative Videos Taken by a Drone

The new frontier for videography is shooting aerial footage by multi-rotor aircraft aka Drone.

Drones allow your camera to take flight and capture an unprecedented video experience. Drones can be used for concerts, sporting events, disaster surveys, real estate listings, action sports, cityscapes, wedding videos, and majestic views of nature.

Videographers can view stunning aerial footage via drone in real-time from their mobile phones. The sky’s the limit thanks to rise of the unmanned aerial aircraft.

Enjoy a change of perspective with these seven breathtaking videos taken by a Drone.

1. Take Videos to new Heights

Theo Sanson walks on a 280 feet slackline in Les Gorges Du Verdon in France. Spectacular aerial footage captured by the Drift HD Ghost Drone.

Video credit: Nicolas Sedlatchek

2. Capture Your Most Important Memories from Every Angle

This couple had their wedding ceremony captured by drone and the results are absolutely breathtaking. What a picture perfect way to commemorate one of the most important moments of your life!

Video credit: Pro Video Audio Productions, Inc.

3. Don’t Miss out on the Action

Check out this clip from Eric Sterman’s Pipeline Winter 2013 using a Go-Pro and a drone. The video captures a unique view of all the action at Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu.

Video credit: Eric Sterman

4. Celebrate in Style

A drone captures footage of an extravagant fireworks display in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Video credit: Joe Stiglingh

5. Enjoy Majestic Views from High above

Check out this video of the Tamul waterfall in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, taken by a Drone. Drones allow videographers to get never before seen footage of majestic natural wonders.

Video Credit:

6. Capture the Spirit of Your next Concert or Event

Take to the skies with aerial footage of Burning Man 2014 captured by Drone.

Video credit: Eric Cheng

7. Explore Uncharted Territory

This video captures gorgeous footage from the remote Pacific Island of Samoa. IHP uses drones and glidecams to capture unprecedented close-ups and aerial views of Samoan scenery and culture.

Video credit: Ian Harrington Productions


If you want to take your next video to new heights we can help! We have pro-grade film equipment and a multi-rotor drone aircraft to capture stunning video footage from above. Make the happiest day of your life even more memorable with breathtaking drone videography. Contact Ian Harrington Productions to schedule your video shoot today!