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July 21, 2015

7 Tips for Producing a Successful Corporate Video


Planning and producing a successful corporate video can be a challenging task. Pit the average attention span against the amount of information it takes to thoroughly communicate a corporate brand identity—we’re not looking at a winning situation. Corporate videos should clearly communicate what your brand is about, what the unique value proposition your product or service has to offer, why your company should be considered over your competition, and how you plan on delivering high-quality service (among other things). Whether this is your first or fifteenth corporate video, here are a few tips to help make it a successful one.

  1. Hire a Professional

This may be an obvious first step, but it should be stated. Hiring a video production company or videographer for your corporate video can be an invaluable asset. Videographers can provide insight on scripts, lighting, logistics, editing, and every other nuance in the video production process.

  1. Know Your Audience

Define your target audience and speak to them. Having general appeal is nice, but paring down your strategic approach is nicer. Be very specific about how your company or product will improve the life of your target consumer. Give your ideal client a name and backstory, and tailor your messaging to the character you’ve created.

  1. Craft a Specific Message

Whether you’re creating a video about a product launch or putting a face to your corporate ‘About Us’ page, you need to be very specific about the purpose of your video. If you’re trying to get too many points across you may lose your audience, and if you’re not specific with messaging you may miss an opportunity. A great way to judge message clarity is to ask an outside source for their honest opinion. Don’t give them any context, and see if they can understand what message you are trying to convey.

  1. Make an Emotional Connection

Purchase decisions are typically emotional ones. Listing facts and benefits about your product or company is great, but also leave some room for a deeper connection with your target audience. How has your product affected someone’s life? Tell a moving story to help connect readers to your brand on an emotional level.

  1. Show Don’t Tell

If you are able to, you should show-off what your product or service can do instead of speak of it. Consumers tend to be very visual, and a visceral experience can convey a great deal of information in an abbreviated amount of time. Keep your audiences captivated by showing instead of telling.

  1. Be Human

Many companies put emphasis on the conveyance of information in their videos but forget that personality is just as important. Consumers want to connect and relate to your brand. Share what you believe in as a leader and not just what your company does. Consumers crave a certain level of transparency in the businesses they interact with. Divulging some personal information about yourself can help consumers make an invaluable connection to your company.

  1. Promote Your Video

The final cut and upload shouldn’t be the conclusion to your corporate video journey. Posting your video on your website isn’t doing all of your hard work any justice. To maximize your opportunities, throw your corporate video on YouTube, email your clients with the exciting news, and pitch the video to relevant PR outlets. Be sure to measure and evaluate your video’s performance through analytics.