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September 7, 2016

What Your Web Video is Missing: And Why You Need to Shoot 4k


What is 4k resolution?

4k resolution refers to content that has a resolution of 4,000 pixels. In laymen’s terms, that’s a lot of pixels. Although 4k technology hasn’t gone mainstream quite yet, digital junkies and video professionals have already converted. If visual media is your life’s work, you need to be shooting in 4k. 4k resolution is the new definition of HD TV.

4 Reasons Why You Need to Shoot in 4k

There’s been a bit of controversy on the topic of 4k resolution—and whether or not it’s worth it. At the moment, most media consumption takes place outside of the 4k realm. You can’t watch TV with cable on a 4k TV screen. So why bother? Here are four reasons why you need to shoot in 4k.

Sharper Overall Footage

If you make and share web video content, you want your video to be the best possible quality. Right? You owe it to your audience. 4k resolution footage is the size of 4 standard 1080p video files and when shrunken down you get the sharpest 1080p final export possible. The overall image quality will be far greater than today’s HD standard.

Improved Pans and Zooms

Even novice videographers know that trying to film a smooth pan with a video camera is near impossible. And trying to zoom with a manual lens is actually impossible. Shooting in 4k allows videographers to pan and zoom to their hearts content. You can zoom and pan from your computer instead of in the field. Your finished product will look stunning and seamless.

Shoot A and B Roll Simultaneously

Shooting in 4k resolution can make filming your next interview much easier. Gone are the days of using multiple cameras to shoot A and B roll. 4k cameras allow videographers to export in 1080p for multiple shot options from wife to medium to tight angles—all using just one 4k camera.

Still Frames

4k cameras are changing the game when it comes to still frame images. Before 4k technology, videographers could not use still frame images because they were too low res. 4k resolution enables videographers to grab still frame images that aren’t embarrassingly blurry for their web content.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Despite all the advantages of shooting in 4k, it is still not a household format for many videographers. 4k may not seem relevant at the moment, but all the major digital consumer brands are embracing it. Tastemakers like YouTube, iPhone, and GoPro are all jumping on the 4k bandwagon because they want to stay ahead of the curve. Ensure that your digital footage is not left in the dark when the inevitable switch occurs by shooting in 4k.